Black Cat & Roses
Black Cat & Roses
About Me Page
Welcome to my world of EXTREME PRIMITIVES, PRIMITIVES and 'ODD BODS'. Each pattern is lovingly designed by myself Elaine Stavert. I spend a long time thinking of the character I wish to design long before pen hits paper! Included in my patterns will be details on distressing and ageing techniques. Detailed instructions are included for the characters features.
I remember so well the day BLACK CAT & ROSES was 'born'. I had recently lost my dearest old cat Sindy she was a very beautiful black and white feline, she was so very loyal. Walking along the road not really thinking I looked into a neighbours garden and there sat by a wonderous full bloom red rose bush was the most beautiful black cat ever! She might have not had too much white on her but it did it for me...Sindy Lives On,in my joy of designing as well as in my heart.

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