Raggedy Doll Patterns
Do you just Love Raggedy Doll Patterns and Dolls? Want to buy a Raggedy Doll Pattern? We've got 'em and we'd like to share them with all you Raggedy Doll Lovers!
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Price: $7.00

This little cutie is easy to make for the beginner or experienced doll maker. Full face painting instructions are included in the pattern. This will l...more
Price: $6.50

This pattern was inspired by a little graphic from Carm with Shweet Potato Designs and my oldest sister Debbie who was recently diagnosed with Skin Ca...more
Price: $7.00

This is one of my favourite dolls. Shannon is free standing and stands around 18" tall. She is easy to make and the patten has full face painting inst...more
Price: $10.00

18" raggedy with sheep instant download e pattern with embroidered features, painted legs and string hair. Handmade sheep pattern included. You ar...more
Reg. Price:$6.00
Sale Price: $5.00

Raggedy Mail hanger

Stitched in red, this mail hanger has 3 pockets ready to take your mail, coupons or notes.
It measures 7" x 20"...more
Price: $8.00

Ths primitive raggedy annie doll is SO much fun to make! This wonderful olde annie doll is sure to be a hit at ANY show you want to take her to! :-)...more
Price: $5.00

Annie E-pattern is approximately 20 inches and her friend snuggles 10 inches. Annie is dressed in a brown calico dress. She has an apron of burgundy h...more
Price: $7.95

Autumn Annie pattern. Inside are full easy to follow instructions, diagrams, and pattern pieces to make this sweet little Autumn doll. She has button ...more
Price: $7.00

This little raggedy is small. She is very quick and easy to make. Could also be turned into a brooch. Looks so cute in the hand of a bigger doll....more
Price: $6.00

Maggie Rose is a perfectly prim 17" raggedy, quick and easy to make!! Make her from muslin or osnaburg, make her super grunged or simply stained. ...more
Price: $7.00

This is Jennifer Ann. She stands on a wooden base and has wooden dowels in her legs so she can stand on the base. Jennifer Ann is standing in her bare...more
Reg. Price:$6.00
Sale Price: $5.00

Kitty and Me
So adorably huggable, Kitty and Me are very best friends. The doll wears a two-tone frock, and the cat is adorable in red check.
Price: $8.50

This is an 2018 updated and revised version of my Printed Mailed TO YOU original Shweet American Duo Annie and Andy Pattern. I originally wrote this p...more
Price: $7.95

Welcome, here is my 2009 design, Abby Doll pattern. Inside are full easy to follow instructions, diagrams, and pattern pieces to make this sweet littl...more
Price: $7.00

This is one of my cute little Raggedies... She has her pet Little Kitty with her. This doll can be easily made by a novice doll maker. Full face paint...more
Price: $7.00

Here we have a novel and cute Raggedy... She stands all by herself and is around 12" tall.. She is dressed in her swimsuit, has her swim ring with her...more
Price: $5.00

The large E-pattern Annie is dressed in Pink Calico Dress with a ivory calico apron with Pink Hearts stitched on. She has ivory calico ruffled bloomer...more
Reg. Price:$7.00
Sale Price: $4.00

Please Meet Hanna Annie! What a Cutey! Hanna measures 25" and She is Holding a Heart.
This is an E-Pattern...
Reg. Price:$10.99
Sale Price: $8.99

"Nicholas" Santa with Stars, Holly and a Cardinal is our brand NEW instant download pattern.

He is an impressive 3 feet tall and very easy t...more
Price: $9.00

This guy is oh so sweet & quite large, he's the size of an average toddler. He's pictured on our patio chair so you can see the size of this guy! <...more
Raggedy Doll Patterns
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