Raggedy Doll Patterns
Do you just Love Raggedy Doll Patterns and Dolls? Want to buy a Raggedy Doll Pattern? We've got 'em and we'd like to share them with all you Raggedy Doll Lovers!
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Reg. Price:$6.00
Sale Price: $5.00

Christmas Wishes
This little prim raggedy holding all her Christmas wishes will delight everyone at Christmas time. Check out her joyous grin! Her...more
Price: $7.00

Tessa Anne is a real little cutie. She is easy to make and looks adorable made in any colour way. The pattern has full face painting instructions. Thi...more
Price: $5.00

This Annie E-pattern is dressed in a burgundy calico print. She has an apron that has a Saltbox House border on it. Annie has burgundy striped legs an...more
Price: $5.00

This E-pattern raggedy is 30 inches tall. Annie is dressed in a blue homespun plaid dress. She has on white/ivory calico pantaloons with lace trim. He...more
Raggedy Doll Patterns
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