Aunt Mannys
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Price: $10.00

This is one cute door hanger! Use your choice of fabric for different seasons or holidays!

Finished product is approximately 15 inches tall!...more
Price: $10.00

One of our best sellers! These Santa letters are sure to catch the eye of everyone that comes across them. Tuck them in a stocking, leave them out in your old wooden bowl or tuck them in your Christmas tree!
Finished product measures approximate...more
Price: $10.00

I love making these cats for every season and holiday. They are so versatile!

They make great bowl fillers or additons to your season/holiday decor!

I make Frankencats for Halloween, Shamcats, Valencats, etc.!...more
Price: $10.00

Cute little mini kitty dolls. Finished product measures approximately 11" tall. Make up a whole litter! Their Mamma Kitty pattern can be found seperately....more
Price: $12.00

Set him anywhere about the house or hang him as a door greeter. This Christmas caroling snowman really is an eye catcher.

Finished product measures approximately 13" tall. ...more
Price: $10.00

These gingerbreads turned out so cute!

Make these ornies to adorn your Christmas tree this year, use as bowl fillers, tucks about your house or to resell.

Finished product measures approximately 5" tall....more
Price: $10.00

Oh how cute these are! They make wonderful additions to your Christmas tree, add them to wreaths or use them to embellish your Christmas gifts!

Finished product measures approximately 7" tall....more
Price: $10.00

This is a great project to work on with a child.

Make lots of these ornies as decor for your Christmas tree, add that finishing touch to a gift or hang about the house!

Vintage image is included in this pattern....more
Price: $10.00

You will just love makin these spring chicks/eggs. They are getting their feet wet first before they decide it's time to hatch

Finished chicks measure approximately 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. ...more
Price: $10.00

These mummies make excellent bowl fillers or tucks about the house. Finished product measures approximately 11" tall.

Make up a whole batch of them to use in your Halloween goodie bags! ...more
Price: $12.00

This offering is the pattern for my daughters wonderful "Keeper of The Souls" piece!

These escaping ghosts are perfect for displaying just about anywhere!

Finished product measures approximately 14" tall. ...more
Price: $7.00

All Hallow's Eve ~ Witch on broom, moon & bats
The Witch Is In ~ Witch & Cauldron
Scary Jack-O-Lanterns
A Haunting ~ Spooky House
The Crow
Price: $7.00

HALLOWEEN Printable Hang Tag Collection #2

Instant Download

"Trick or Treat"
"Cat in Pumpkin"
"Halloween Flight"
"Owl & Witch Poem"
"Halloween Greetings"
Price: $12.00

These two make a great couple. I call her Witchy Witch and Crabby Pumpkin! She has got a LOT of detail!

Pattern does include potion bottle instructions, witch doll and the crabby pumpkin wand instructions! ...more
Price: $7.00

You will receive the pattern to print 6 different styles pictured. These tags are from my very own printables collection and measure 2.38" x 4.75". ...more
Price: $10.00

These decorative pieces make EXCELLENT firestarters! Use them to start the fire in your fireplace or better yet, take them camping with you and use them to start your campfires!

Safe for fireplace flue's and average burn time is approximat...more
Price: $10.00

These fireworks look awesome displayed in a large wooden bowl, basket or spread about! Tuck some sweet annie in with it and you have a great display!

Ornies measure various sizes. Its all up to you how big or small you want them....more
Price: $10.00

I love making these apples every fall. They are so realistic and life size! They make great bowl fillers or additons to your season/hoiday decor! Also great for cupboard tucks! ...more
Price: $10.00

You will love making these icicle ornies. Great project for children and there is no sewing involved!

Finished product will measure approximately 6 inches....more
Price: $12.00

She turned out wonderfully and oh so cute! She's got ice for sale!

And now you can make her too with this wonderful step by step pattern!

Finished size is approximately 17"....more
Aunt Mannys
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