eXtreMe PriMitiVe BuNNy Rabbit TaNsy N her GoldeN Egg
Vendor: Blue MooN BegiNNiNgs

Product Description
Being small, shy, and overlooked..doesn't hold a gal back..well not Tansy..anyway! DetermiNation is her strong point.
Tansy is made of painted, sanded, stained and baked muslin. She has sewn on button eyes, over osnaburg, long scraggly rusty wire whiskers, and a needle-sculpted face.
Rusty wired to her, is her golden egg,her big ol peepers, spotted it right away!
Her egg is made of osnaburg, prim'd with a gruNgy 1st place ribbon rusty pinned to it. She's about 14 inches high,from cheek to cheek close to 7 inches..from front to back close to 4 inches deep...

Price: $6.50

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