eXtreme PriMitiVe Pumpkin JacKsoN FaMily InStaNt DoWnLoAd PatterN
Vendor: Blue MooN BegiNNiNgs

Product Description
Well here they are all ready for that faMilY portrait! Dad is his usual haPPy self, MoM has beeN up all night with lil BOO, who's cuttiNg his first tooth! They are made of paiNted,saNded,staiNed aNd baked musliN. I've embroidered their faces. Their steMs are grapeviNe twigs, glued,aNd sewN oN..they're terrific for a cupboard display..I loVe them! MoM aNd DaD, are 7 iNches high,6 iNches across aNd 2 iNches deep. BOO is 6 iNches high,5 iNches across,and 2 iNches deep. InStANt DoWnLoAd PaTTeRN Pumpkin Pattern.

Price: $5.00

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