eXtreMe PriMitiVe HaLLoWeeN Goodie Bag INstaNt DowNload PatterN
Vendor: Blue MooN BegiNNiNgs

Product Description
Cat,Ghostie,aNd Jack bag,are all made of paiNted,saNded,staiNed,aNd baked osNaburg. The cat aNd ghostie dolls are tied aNd glued to old bobbiN spools,with gruNgy cheesecloth. They all haVe osNaburg features stitched oN. I've used old buttoNs for their eyes. Jack,is filled with twigs,spaNish moss,aNd rusty stars. SuPeR cute! Measures 16 iNches high aNd 9 iNches across wheN coMpleted. INstant DowNload PatterN. ThaNks!! Viv

Price: $6.50

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