Raggedy and Friends Instant Download Printable Soup Can Wrapper
Vendor: Cathron Country Designs

Product Description
2 different blue background Raggedy with Friends Instant Download U Print Soup Can Wrappers! Each of these will fit regular soup cans like Campbell or generic soup cans (again, regular size ~ not the big ones)! After you use the can, peel off the wrapper, wash and then let dry. Print your wrappers, cut them out and then mix 1/2 white glue, 1/2 water. You can also use spray adhesive if you like. Press the wrapper on the soup can and you are done! Use these cans for your handmade candles, dried items or anything you would like!

This file is in the form of a PDF file. 2 printable soup can wrappers will print for you every time you print the file from your color printer. A blue background, Raggedies, cats, mice and lots of flowers!

PDF Reader of available free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/

Price: $0.50

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