K2332 Burlap Scarecrow Sewing Pattern Very Easy

Product Description
This is a very basic sewing pattern....Very easy and hand sewn.

I use a bularp bag (sold on my website) to create this fun scarecrow. He was so much fun to make and pretty quick. You do not need sewing skills to make this. Just some hand stitching here and there, and I am not a beautiful stitcher by any means! But hey, this guy is primitive so my stitching looks great!

Depending on just how tall he stands by the way he is stuffed he is about 14" tall give or take a little.

SUPLIES USED and available on my website: 7" Straw Hat, Small Burlap Bag, Raffia, Safety Pin for tag, 7" Timer Taper Candle.

Price: $6.25

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